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You’re the kind of person who’s motivated to take action in your own life

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Happy Healthy Couple SpensiveCongratulations and get ready to “feel like you could almost live forever” when you say, “Yes!” to adding to your resource library 30 of the world’s leading experts on health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, mental performance and spiritual growth reveal the new rules for living healthier, longer, more vital lives!

Owning the series provides you with ample time to listen, re-listen, take action on, and integrate the information you will receive into your life.

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Your opportunity to own this remarkable collection of techniques, tips, and secrets to breaking free from the “system” (and live the best life possible as a result) is an extremely important step to fully realizing the power of this series in your OWN life.

When you own the series, you’ll be able to revisit the experts who created the biggest “ah-ha” moments for you, and you’ll be able to connect with those speakers when their information becomes relevant for you or a loved one down the road.

With ownership of the complete series, you’ll have a lifetime of healthy living strategies at your fingertips – accessible any time, anywhere, at any point in your life.

Study the material anywhere:

smallgreencheckIn your car

smallgreencheckDuring a quiet moment at home

smallgreencheckAt the gym, during training or workouts

smallgreencheckWith your partner, to strengthen and empower your relationship

smallgreencheckStudy before doctor or practitioner appointments, to refresh your memory on the important questions you should be asking

smallgreencheckAs a reference for grocery shopping or nutritional meal planning

smallgreencheckTo prepare for quiet meditation or reflection

You get the idea … this series will touch upon so many aspects of your daily living, it’s imperative to have a reliable resource at your fingertips for every one of the transformative ideas you’ll be exposed to.

Simply review the 3 options we’ve put together for you below to determine which best fits your needs.

UnstoppableFoundationWhen you own the Health Heroes library, your purchase will also be going to support a worthy causea minimum of 50% of all proceeds from your purchase goes directly to support the Unstoppable Foundation – an organization committed to providing educational and fundamental health initiatives (such as clean water and basic medical care) to remote villages across Africa.

This material is a master’s level course in better living and wellness … each speaker will be bringing a powerful message that will have a real, measurable, and tangible impact in your daily life.

Simply check out the 3 options below.  One of them is sure to be just right for you!

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bonus-orangeAnd when you upgrade your access now, you’ll enjoy immediate access to these powerful bonuses from our experts.  Note: this list will continue to grow over time and you’ll have access to every single bonus we add over the course of this series with your upgraded access!


Jen Landa, MDAdrenal Health (and Adrenal Fatigue) – Enjoy Dr. Landa’s enlightening and accessible seminar on the surprising ways your adrenals affect your health.  You’ll also learn how our modern day stress-filled lifestyle affects the way that our adrenal system works, and what you can do about it.

Susan Mathison, MD – Beauty Freedom Summit Package: Garner wisdom on living beautifully from luminary leaders like Fabienne Fredrickson, Kristi Frank, Susan Liddy & more.

Norm Shealy, MD – Dr. Shealy shares his popular 90-Days to Self Health e-book.

Hyla Cass, MD – Enjoy this powerful 1-hour audio interview with Dr. Cass: The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.

Jim Healthy – Get in the know with: The Blood Pressure Mistake Most Doctors Make

Mark Naseck – Heal your body from the inside out with Kabbalistic Journey: A Healing Meditation Experience